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Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi / Affiliation No. 1030761
Barkhedi Kalan Neelbad Bhadhbadha Road, Bhopal
School Code - 50727
Phone No. 0755-2696767, 2696707
Every Candidate for admission must be introduced in personal to the Principal by one who will be responsible for the child.
A student coming from any other school will have to asppear for an entrance examination in main subjects admission depends on the performance in this examination.
Any pupil coming to school fresh from home should submit an official birth certificate for the municipality to verify the date of birth given in the admission from.
  A student may be removed by authorities on any of the following grounds:

I. Constant weakness in studies.
II. Habitual idleness and disobedience.
III. Behavioural problems.
IV. Indifference to the school activities.
V. Moral reach considered serous by the school authorities.
VI. Failing two times in the same class.
The principal has to right to refuse the continuation of studies to any pupil in this school whose conduct or behaviour is not satisfactory
Transfer certificate and other security deposits if any will be released only on clearance of the school dues.
Application for T.C should be submitted five days in advance. No. T.C will be issued during the holidays.
A Student who once opts to use the school service will not be allowed to discontinue it during the course of the session.
The Bus Pass is not transferable.
This pass must be carried whenever this school bus is used and shown on demand to the bus conductor / monitor. This pass shall not be detached form the school Diary.
All subsequent changes should be intimated to bus in charge of both the shifts in writing. Failure to do so will mean extra charge. An unauthorised traveller even for one day will have to pay for the full month and may be debarred from using the bus. indisciplined behaviour in the school bus will make the pupil ineligible to use the school transport.
Damage to any bus property shall to be made good by the concerned student.
The school will not be held responsible to provide alternative transport facility in case of bread down.
Bus fee will be revised in case of any increase in payment of bus fare.
Strict silence to be maintained in the library.
Books must be registered with the librarian before they can be taken out of the library
A book may not be be kept beyond a week. A fine of Rs.5/- (Rs Five Only) per day will be charged after the expiry of the due date.
Please do not tear off pages from the issued book, and the book should not be marked with pencil of the book has to be deposited in the school office by the student.
Reference books and magazines with not be issued.
The student must bring the students diary for issuing of the book. A photograph of student must be there in the diary.
Books will be issued and returned only in the library period. Classes XI & XII can issue and return books in the 7th period on Tuesday and Fridays.
Students are not allowed to sit in the library with their bags.
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