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Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi / Affiliation No. 1030761
Barkhedi Kalan Neelbad Bhadhbadha Road, Bhopal
School Code - 50727
Phone No. 0755-2696767, 2696707
Class rank/position will be given on the basis of the whole year’s assessment.
General promotion up to class V.
Students exempted on medical grounds for the Annual Examination for promotion to the next class, must appear for the supplementary exam. The date will be declared later. It is obligatory for the medical certificate to reach the school, prior to the commencement of the exams.
A student will be declared pass or promoted to the next higher class after the Annual Examination only if he/she secures 33% marks minimum in each individual promotional subject with an aggregate of 35%.
A grace of 5 marks in one subject will be given to the student to promote as “ Pas by Grade” if he/she secures at least 35% marks minimum in all other promotional subjects.
Supplementary exam will be conducted for classes VI to IX in two subjects and in Class XI one subject, if the student maintains an aggregate of 35 % in other subjects.
If a student remains absent for the terminal examination neither will a re-test be conducted nor will any compensatory marks be awarded. Date for terminal test or exame will not be shifted for the convenience of any individual case.
A student will be eligible for appearing in the Annual Examination if he/she has 75% of the total attendance.
Admission of a student failing continuously for two years in the some class will stand cancelled.
Admission to classes X,XI & XII and in case of failure repeating classes IX to XII will not be automatic, but students will have to seek fresh admission every year.
Should any student be absent from terminal tests because he/she was representing the school in any sports or extracurricular activity, the concerned student will be awarded weight age of marks.
Bonus marks for Educational Tour shall be awarded to the students.
Due weight age shall be given to the students participating in NCC camps/Scouts or Nationals?
Note :Any amendment to the promotion rules during the session could be made if required by CBSE.
Parents/ Guardians wishing to withdraw their ward are required to apply for the same at least 30 days in advance. However, the school fee will have to be paid before the issuance of the Transfer Certificate.
No refund of fee etc. would be made under any circumstances.
Should any student be absent from the school for a month without prior notice, the name of the student will be automatically struck off from the school register.
Caution money is refundable only if it is claimed within 2 years of leaving the school with school receipt
The management reserves the right and sole discretion to relax any of the above rules or requirements in exceptionally deserving cases in which regard the decision of the management will be final and binding on all concerned and right will accrue in favor of other person in this account. All the legal matters are subject to Indore Jurisdiction
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