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Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi / Affiliation No. 1030761
Barkhedi Kalan Neelbad Bhadhbadha Road, Bhopal
School Code - 50727
Phone No. 0755-2696767, 2696707
The school has following key aims that we believe are in the heart of student's achievement.
Provide students a secure well ordered environment to foster their academic , physical , social and spiritual development
Ensure boys and girls are offered equal opportunities to develop their potential skill throughout out the school
Develop positive personal qualities, sensitivity towards need of others and the ability to achieve sound personal relationships.
To help students to face the challenges of life with courage.
KPS, Bhopal is the second branch of KPSHSS Bhopal which works under the aegis of K.S.E.J.V.S. Society. In our commitment to achieve overall excellence, we provide challenging learning opportunities and accommodate the needs of all students in a safe environment. In partnership with parents and the community, it is our mission to help our students reach their highest potential in becoming responsible, productive citizens and life-ling learners. Our vision is to instil in our students –
  Respect for rules and a sense of discipline.
  An appreciation for India’s rich cultural heritage.
  A sense of integrity, principles of morality and uncompromising honesty.
  A concern for human rights, democratic values and democratic processes.
  An ability to lead and be a leader – with a sense of team work and fair play.
  A spirit of adventure, desire to know, to question and a scientific approach in life.
  A belief in secular ideals, respect for all religious communities and religious beliefs.
  Empathy for the less fortunate, differently abled and members of society with special needs.
  Commitment & love for peace, belief in principles of universal brotherhood and feeling of national pride.
  A concern for the environment & planet earth. Right attitude & actions towards achieving a greener & safer planet.
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